Freshly Delivered in July!

Delivering the finished pieces to their new homes and seeing them in situ is undoubtedly the best part of the job. It's always interesting to see the different kitchen styles and how the tables (and chairs) seem to fit seamlessly with the character of each different kitchen, regardless of style.

This month there has definitely been a trend towards the Rustic Oak Dining Table with Spindle Back Chairs... these are just a few that we've delivered:


This is a great example of a more traditional country kitchen. The table and chairs look as though they have been there forever - it's very timeless!


Here's a different look with the same style - the greys/neutrals work really well in a slightly more contemporary kitchen, but the rustic oak top and oak chairs add a bit of a rustic edge. Looks great!


Very similar to the kitchen above, but this customer chose to have the chairs painted. It gives the dining set a really different feel. The waney edge of the bench looks brilliant!