Our three farmhouse table top styles have their own distinct looks. All three are finished with a clear matt hardwax oil which protects them from spillages, stains and allows for hot plates and cups to be placed on the surface.



The Wild Rustic Oak table top is a real stunner, and will have your guests in awe. The unique, natural detailing of splits and knots are really quite beautiful. Characterful defects in the FSC certified European oak, along with the option of natural waney edge sides, that make this table top a very unique and contemporary piece. We finish the surface with three coats of the very best hard wax oil to give you an incredibly robust and durable finish. You can place hot plates and cups on the surface and it won't stain or mark.

The Natural 'Waney' Edge Option

To complement the wild nature of this table top, we offer the Rustic Oak tables with the option to have a natural waney edge that follows the shape of the grain resulting in this beautifully undulating edge.

The Straight Edge Option

Just as lovely, we have the the more traditional straight edge for the rustic oak table top.

Rustic Charm for your Home

Our Rustic Oak farmhouse table is pictured here in this gorgeous farmhouse kitchen just down the road from us in Devon, England. If you're looking for a long lasting, solid piece of furniture that will age beautifully with bags of character, then the rustic oak is the style for you.  

Our 2 Rustic Oak Farmhouse Tables

Choose between our traditional English style table (with a choice of square or turned leg options) and our more slender, elegant French Farmhouse design, that comes with traditional turned legs as standard. Both designs sport their own Rustic Oak Tops.

With a 1.5 inch thick Rustic Oak top

With a 1 inch thick Rustic Oak top



The Prime European Oak top is our cleanest table top. Free from any knots, splits or blemishes, it shows off the natural flow of grain making this a really upscale, contemporary option. At 1.5 inches thick, it boasts a solid presence in any setting and has a beautifully smooth look and feel. Finished with three coats of our hardwax oil for an exceptionally strong and robust finish which means you can place hot items on the surface and spillages will wipe clean with ease.

Clean Lines, No Knots

Enjoy the full splendor of European oak at it's most flawless.

At Home in the Town or Country

The Prime Oak top when paired with the French Farmhouse design is effortlessly chic. It could have come straight from a chateaux in Provence, or an apartment in Paris.

Go Ultra Farmhouse Modern

Pair the Prime Oak table top with a contemporary square leg design and you'll create an ultra-modern farmhouse table. Add your own aesthetic with a choice of leg and frame color from Farrow & Ball's extensive palette of gorgeous tones and you'll be on to something really quite unique.



The character in this table top is so beautiful. This top is made from 100% reclaimed weathered pine boards. We don't artificially make it look old or apply any stain to make it darker, instead, we source the very best wood that makes the perfect natural rustic appearance to be the focal point of your table. A slightly softer wood than oak which means those dings and dents your children add will immediately start to develop some history. We finish the top with 3 coats of hard wax oil so you have a lovely smooth characterful, robust finish that will last for years. Spill a glass of red on the surface? Don't worry, It won't stain!

Authentic Rustic Charm

Our reclaimed table top is perfect for that care-free, effortlessly rustic (and authentic) aesthetic. No fake aging needed!

Smoother Than You'd Think

Sometimes when you hear the words 'reclaimed wood' you think old and splintery. Not the case here. We finish these tops to be nice and smooth and safe for your family. Each one is finished with 3 coats of our hardwax oil to give it that extra protection.

Selected by Hand

Selecting the right pieces of oak and reclaimed materials for a table top is a bit of an art form. We make sure we are choosing the materials that will give you the very best of results.

Find Your Perfect Table

Now you have the low-down on our tops, you can think about the usage your table will get, and the level of character you want in your table top.